in my spare time

developing code, trying systems and combining that with open government data


Interested in LAMP, Twig, HTML, JS, CSS, BASH, SQL, Frameworks, C#


Developing on vagrant and deploying to VPS running docker containers.


Be creative and make it happen. Don't reinvent the wheel, unless it's better

current projects

things i'm currently working on in my spare time

  • WCFramework

    A PHP MVC Framework

  • Postcoder

    A free UK postcode API service

  • Docker

    Managing docker containers

  • Learning

    General learning of new tech

  • Screen Capture

    Simple screen capturing service

  • News over time

    Past capturing of bbc news

  • top 40 data for your site

    top 40 charts

  • Geo mapping

    Visualisations of the UK